Book your accommodation now! To get the competitive deals we have negotiated, please book with Cambridge i-SITE, phone 07 823 3456 or email

Tell them it’s for the Pre-56 MG rally and they will take care of everything.

General Cancellations

Cancellations are fully refundable until 3 months before your arrival (ie 12th December).
Cancellations within three months of arrival are 50% refundable.
Cancellations within one month of stay are not refundable.

Covid 19 Cancellations

Level 4 Lockdown (i.e. Accommodation Operator not able to open) Full Refunds would apply.

Level 3 full area Lockdown (where the guest is not able to travel to the event because their region is in Lockdown) – Full Refund would apply.

All other Covid 19 Cancellations would be assessed on a case by case basis.